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Indirect lighting ceiling: create a moody atmosphere

Indirect lighting of the ceiling is a popular way to make rooms more cozy and inviting. With the right lighting technology, you can create a moody atmosphere while finding a practical lighting solution for your space. In this article you will learn more about the advantages and possibilities of indirect lighting ceiling.

Why indirect lighting on the ceiling?

Indirect lighting ceiling offers several advantages over conventional lighting methods. It provides a soft and diffused light distribution, which bathes the room in a pleasant and relaxing ambience. Compared to direct lighting, where light shines directly into the room, indirect lighting avoids glare and harsh shadows.

Another advantage of indirect lighting ceiling is that it makes the room visually larger. The light is reflected from the ceiling and spreads evenly throughout the room, making the walls appear higher and wider. This is especially beneficial for rooms with low ceilings or small dimensions.

Ceiling lighting variants

There are several ways to implement indirect lighting of the ceiling. A common method is the use of LED strips. These thin and flexible light sources can be mounted along the edges of the ceiling or in ceiling moldings. Due to their versatility, they allow indirect lighting with individual design options.
The LED strips can be perfectly combined with stucco moldings. On these elegant ceiling moldings are glued lighting elements. Due to the opaque material, only the areas that are not covered by the LED stucco strip are illuminated.

Another approach is the use of wallwashers or uplights. These luminaires are mounted on the walls and shine the light upwards to the ceiling. This creates an even and soft light distribution in the room. Wall washers can also serve as a decorative element and accentuate the room with indirect light.

Ceilings indirect lighting in the living area

Indirect lighting of the ceiling is especially popular in the living area. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom or dining room. In the living room, you can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with indirect light. In the bedroom, soft ceiling lighting creates a calming environment that invites you to relax and sleep. In the dining room, indirect lighting ceiling can create an elegant and inviting mood.

The indirect lighting of the ceiling in the bathroom

Indirect lighting of the ceiling can also be used effectively in the bathroom. The use of waterproof LED strips along the contour of the ceiling can create a pleasant and relaxing light. This creates an atmosphere perfect for relaxing baths or applying makeup.

The indirect lighting of the ceiling in the work area

Even in the work area, the indirect lighting of the ceiling can unfold its advantages. Indirect lighting creates a glare-free work environment that puts less strain on the eyes. The soft light of indirect lighting promotes concentration and creates a pleasant working atmosphere.


Indirect lighting of the ceiling is a versatile and aesthetic way to create a moody atmosphere in your rooms. With LED strips, wall washers or other indirect lighting solutions, you can bathe your room in the right light. Whether in the living area, bathroom or work area, the indirect lighting of the ceiling offers numerous design options to meet your individual needs.